Building a Home Server for Study Purposes

Some of my co-workers sometimes ask me how I set up a home server for study purposes and do advanced labs. As this has been a recurring subject, I decided to write this content to support those who want to follow this path. A home server can be very powerful, as nowadays you can buy cheap Xeon CPUs. It is also easy to upgrade.



CPU Cooler


Case Coolers



Solid State Drives

  • 2 X SSD 2TB
  • 2 X SSD 1TB

You can buy them here. I recently bought a SAS controller on eBay. SAS controllers can manage SATA disks as long as the proper cable is used. The idea is to create a RAID 0 with 2 SSDs in order to get better disk performance. If you have VMWare compatible NVMEs, these can be used.

SAS Controller

SAS Controller BIOS
SAS Controller on VMWare

Hard Disk Drives

Power Supply



I turned off known mitigations for CPU vulnerabilities in order to get better performance for my environment. However, it’s not something I would recommend. Do this at your own risk.


  • WAN
  • LAN
  • OSP External
  • OCP

This is the minimum configuration required for the subnets.

DNS Service

  • I also have a Satellite and a VM running VirtualBMC, as this last one is useful for OpenStack related tasks.

Network Topology

Port Groups

Power Consumption

Watts Average
Watts Maximum

The End

My Homeserver



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Andre Rocha

I'm just a SysAdmin with some experience in OpenSource, DevOps and Datacenter Services, who likes to share knowledge.